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Traveling with Lauren & BJ is like traveling with family that you love and trust. RetreaTours handled all logistics during our March 2015 Kundalini Yoga Tour of India and Nepal. I mean EVERYTHING. All I had to do as the instructor was focus on the yoga and the well-being of my fellow-travelers. To my surprise, I was in a state of joy during the entire trip, which I was NOT at all expecting given the mantle of responsibility of bringing first-timers to India. BJ & Lauren took that mantle from my shoulders and made it their own—always with a sense of humor and a can-do attitude.

We all felt safe, cared-for and organized the entire journey. Despite illnesses, injuries and infrastructure failures (like the international airport in Nepal shutting for days!) which necessitated complete itinerary changes, the whole trip worked like a smooth dream thanks to these pros.  I recommend entrusting your students and your reputation with RetreaTours. They are magic.

Mary Green

Stamford, Connecticut, Yoga4Everybody

RetreaTours’ BJ & Lauren made my dreams of leading yoga retreats a reality!  

They pretty much had us at “hello.” They WOWED my students with a pre-trip presentation describing all the sights, sounds & delights of Bali… so much so that 3 people signed up on the spot! Even though they were constantly traveling themselves, they were always available online before we left to answer questions, to reassure participants and to help keep the pre-trip excitement high. Once there, my already huge admiration for these two kept growing. Because they handle all the travel details and more—deposits, questions, accommodations, transportation, meals, timetables, etc—I was able to do what I do best, i.e.  providing yoga instruction and a context to appreciate the wonders of Indonesia. We had a ton of fun, and then I got paid for it!

Once home, my students couldn’t stop raving about what a great time they had on the trip. They kept asking me where we’d be going next year! And sure enough, when we announced the dates for More Bliss in Morocco, 6 of the 12 spots were immediately claimed by people who had gone on the Bali trip!

I can’t say enough good things about BJ and Lauren, and if you have the opportunity to travel with these two, you really must take it! The only worry I have is that now I will expect all travel, for a yoga retreat or otherwise, to be this enjoyable.

Nancy Zampella

Sarasota, Florida, Yoga Libre

I teamed up with Lauren & BJ for a yoga Retreat Tour to India & Nepal in 2015, and will do so again in 2017!  As the teacher, Lauren & BJ always put my needs and the needs of my students first. They took care of EVERYTHING leaving me to focus on my teaching and my students. Lauren & BJ’s personal connections and local knowledge transformed the trip into an extraordinary experience. Our fairly large group of 15 had a fun, relaxed and smooth trip. 

Of course this is due to the hundreds of hours of preparation and planning that Lauren and BJ pour into their Yoga Retreat Tours, but also because they have created amazing relationships with various people from hotel staff, guides and even holy men on The Ganges River.

The locations and daily activities were exciting and inspiring. I doubt there are better tour leaders than Lauren & BJ, they are super organised, highly professional, thoughtful, calm and caring. I highly recommend them, and I am excited to travel with them again next year.

Jane Kagan

Sydney, Australia, Flourish Yoga

When Lauren, BJ, and I first began talking about a yoga retreat in 2013, it was a dream I didn’t even know I had. When we went to Bali in 2014, it was more than a dream come true. It was far more than anything I could have imagined, and it wouldn’t have happened without them. Beforehand, they showed me the spreadsheets, the financial aspects, the slideshows, the fantastic website, and all the planning that had gone into it. One trip and I knew I could trust them with…well, you name it. They did it all. All I had to do, if that’s all I wanted to do, was teach yoga.

They laid all the groundwork and we were welcomed into places of incredible beauty by the kindest people. Their attention to the details of the trip—from itinerary, lodging, transportation, and menu planning, to payments and travel tips—allowed me to focus on teaching and enjoy my own grand journey as well. But they also kept me as fully involved in the planning as I wanted or needed to be, with the big view of the group’s well-being and quality of experience always paramount.

As well-planned as the trip was, the most crucial factor was maybe their ability to adapt to the inevitable changes and situations that would arise, and to find solutions that kept everything running as smoothly as possible. I didn’t hesitate to travel with them again to Bali in 2015 for another great retreat, and I would travel wherever in the world they offered their expertise. I’d leave tomorrow.

Randall Buskirk

Sarasota, Florida, Garden of the Heart

BJ and Lauren provide personalized care in helping each traveler with travel arrangements, flights and the kind of insider advice which can only be acquired through experience. Our host retreat centers and hotels greeted us like family and friends because of the quality relationships built by BJ and Lauren. I felt completely at home even though I was thousands of miles from home. RetreaTours truly offers insight into the traditions and heart of the people we visited.

Anthony Bogart

Ajijic, Mexico, Health & Freedom Yoga


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