Our priority is creating a successful retreat for you and your guests. We know that your clients trust you, and we don’t take that relationship for granted. Your clients are our guests, and we want the very best experience for them—after all, both of our reputations are on the line, right?

What is the most important aspect of a retreat? Quality? Of course. Value? Duh! But before all of that, it needs to be viable. That’s why we set our minimum number of guests at 6—that’s 40% lower than the industry standard!

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Why do my earnings go up so significantly after 6 registered guests?

We build your accommodation, food, and site expenses into the first 6 guests, as well as our share of the proceeds. (Our share covers the time we spend researching and designing itineraries, building solid relationships with hotels, restaurants, and local guides, as well as our time spent creating your website, marketing materials, finding your flights, answering your questions and the many, many questions of your guests.)

But after we know the trip is viable at 6 guests, we think that YOU should profit the most! While it’s nice to get a free trip and a little cash at 6 guests, it’s also an incentive to really market your retreat and make some real dough.  We know that you’ll be leaving your regular classes & responsibilities for the time you’ll be on retreat, and we want your paycheck to make it worth your while.

Is my flight free?

You will pay for your flight from your earnings at 6 guests. We can help you find the cheapest, most creative flight options, and we can even help you plan fun layovers or trip add-ons. We also know that you may have certain airline preferences or even reward miles to use. That travel consulting service is included in our services!

Can I bring my spouse or significant other with me?

We’ve made it possible for a significant other to travel with you if you choose. Since they are sharing your room, you are only responsible for the cost of airfare and food. We can talk more about the details once we start planning your trip!


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