how to plan a yoga retreat

A Well-Balanced Approach to Retreat Planning.

free room on yoga retreat


Your private room and all meals are paid for with just six guests signed up, the lowest minimum in the industry.

earn money on a yoga retreat


Whether you lead a tour with us or independently, earn money while following your passion.

free airfare for yoga teachers


Earn enough to cover your airfare with just six guests—and let us help you find the best deals.

lead a yoga retreat


Whether you’re leading a yoga retreat, family reunion, and a vacation with your friends, you focus on what’s important to you.

Take the stress out of retreat planning—perfect for yoga instructors, wellness practitioners, CEOs, or the lucky soul who gets to plan the family reunion!
We will help you build your best retreat in order to grow your business, build your brand, and strengthen your relationship with your clients. Each retreat is unique, so we have many approaches to create your dream experience. Start by choosing a path…


In addition to creating and facilitating your trip, BJ and Lauren of RetreaTours accompany you and handle all daily incidentals and interactions at hotels, restaurants, and sites. They take of all the management and navigation, and all you have to do is teach and relax with your clients.



  • Focus entirely on teaching or entertaining your guests.
  • BJ & Lauren are on site to help manage the retreat and handle any travel “hiccups.”
  • RetreaTours™ typically visit more locations and sites than self-guided retreats.
  • There are a greater number of destinations available with RetreaTours™.
  • BJ helps you and your guests with flight recommendations.
  • We answer guest questions about visas, vaccinations, and other logistics.
  • Lauren creates a website and marketing materials for you to advertise your trip
  • We handle all guest payments.
  • This style of trip is best for new retreat leaders, or experienced retreat leaders who know they don’t want to bother with all of the day-to-day logistic hassles.

Self-Guided Retreats

We help plan your retreat and take care of all guest logistics beforehand, but you and your guests travel independently. At each site you will have a guide and a contact to take care of on-the-ground details, but you are still the main point person for your trip.



  • You have potential to earn more money and/or your guests’ cost can be lower, as you are not paying for on-site management from BJ & Lauren.
  • More flexibility in scheduling (we guide you on the best times of year to visit your destination)
  • We handle guest questions regarding visas, vaccinations, and other details.
  • BJ helps you and your guests choose the best flight arrangements.
  • Lauren creates a website for you to advertise your trip.
  • We handle all guest payments.
  • This style of trip is best if you have run your own retreat before and/or are very comfortable with international travel.

Where do our trips go?  All of our RetreaTours™ go to ALL of the following locations; Self-guided Retreats go to the bolded destinations:

  • India
  • Nepal
  • Bhutan
  • Bali & Lombok, Indonesia
  • Ladakh (Tibetan Plateau)
  • Morocco
  • Myanmar (Burma)
  • Cambodia (Angkor Wat)
  • Peru (Machu Picchu)
  • Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
  • Iceland
  • Coming soon: Tanzania, Uganda & Rwanda


taj mahal yoga retreat


machu picchu yoga retreat

Galapagos Islands


boudha yoga retreat


chefchaouen yoga retreat


Sideman Bali Yoga retreat


Lombok yoga retreat

Burma (Myanmar)

Myanmar yoga retreat


Angkor Wat yoga retreat



Ladakh yoga retreat


Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda

For more details about WHERE you can go, please see our DESTINATIONS page. 

yoga retreat on Lombok

What kind of groups are best for these trips?

  • Yoga Students
  • Photography Enthusiasts
  • Family Reunions
  • Special Anniversaries
  • Friends’ Getaways
  • Wellness and Fitness Classes
  • Corporate Retreats
  • And YOUR group!
yoga retreat in lombok
lead a yoga retreatA minimum of 6 guests is required to make the trip a go—that’s 40% fewer guests than the industry standard! This makes it easier to make your retreat dreams a reality.

two teacher yoga retreat

Not sure if you can fill the retreat by yourself?  Want to share the responsibilities? 

If two instructors decide to co-lead a retreat (and share a room throughout the trip), they both get a free trip (including airfare) after reaching a total of six guests.  No other retreat organizer offers this opportunity for two teachers to pair up!

What does this mean for you?

The trip can be viable if each of you only brings THREE guests instead of the SIX guests required as an individual instructor. Click over to our Earn Money page to see the details about why this makes so much sense.


Who are we, anyways?


We are BJ Graf and Lauren Rathvon, creators of RetreaTours, a full-service boutique tour company and travel consulting service. Originally specializing in cultural tours, we quickly found our niche designing custom tours for retreat groups—with a twist. If a guest is flying halfway around the world, we figure they want to see more than the inside of one yoga studio or conference hall. Instead, we hit the highlights of the area we are in, visiting three or four major sites in the chosen destination. We combined the depth of a retreat with the breadth of a tour and we got the RetreaTour™.

bj and l taj mahal bigger whole thing-001We’ve hosted many successful RetreaTours™ (you can read our instructor testimonials here and our guest testimonials here) but we can only lead so many a year–that is, until we figure out a way to clone ourselves. We want to widen this opportunity to more instructors, so we’ve also developed Self-Guided Retreats in some of our destinations. When we can’t be on tour with you personally, you’ll be in the hands of our trusted travel agents, guides, and hotel staff. Granted, this will mean more day-to-day work on your part, but because you’re not paying us to physically be on site, you also have the opportunity to earn more money.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected] 

What we do:

  • Help choose the best option, RetreaTour™ or Self-Guided tour, and destination for your group
  • Design a customized itinerary for your group
  • Create a website for you to advertise the trip to your clients
  • Act as liaison with your destination’s hotels, transportation, and local guides
  • Communicate with your guests in regard to itinerary & logistics (travel insurance, vaccines, packing list, etc)
  • Guide guests on what flights to purchase
  • Collect guest deposits and payments
  • Collect information from guests (dietary restrictions, emergency contacts, etc.)
  • On the RetreaTours™, we are on hand to help manage, guide, and ensure your guests are having the time of their lives
  • And let’s not forget…make a final payment to you at the end of the trip!


Your Significant Other Travels With You!

Interested in sharing this experience with your other half? With the minimum number of guests, your S.O. can attend for a small fee and the price of airfare, which you can pay or we can deduct from your earnings.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 9.22.07 PMHonestly…sometimes there’s no studio to get out of in our destinations!  One of the features that sets us apart is our innovative use of space for yoga, meditation, and meetings. We travel to many parts of the world where there is no such thing as a “yoga studio,” so we are charged with finding authentic, meaningful, beautiful, but practical spaces for your work.

This might mean an empty monastery hall or temple rooftop at sunrise; maybe a marble puja hall or the music room of a children’s home; the rooftop terrace of a riad or carpets in the Sahara desert. Of course, we have the occasional proper studio, too.  😉

When we discuss your trip with you, we’ll tell you about all of the options we’ve discovered, uncovered, or created in your destination!



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